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Based on the loudness calculations and annoyance ratings, a “tram bonus” of 3 dB was found in comparison to the bus sound source. An important advantage of discretionary bonus payments is that the persons in charge of administering the bonus pool are in a position to incorporate subjective, non-verifiable indicators of individual performance that would be impossible to specify contractually as part of an explicit incentive scheme. In fact, there are about 40 films on the Jafco roulette network and the odds on these clips range from about 1,000 to 1 up to 2.6 million to one. Seconds, network standards and practices were taken dead seriously behind the scenes, and they may have had to discuss with S&P during the commercial break in which they both came to the correct conclusion. ‘You have downward pressure on the euro and yen coming from central banks in those regions and given a relatively unfavourable backdrop in emerging markets, we’re seeing currency depreciation there.’ Companies within the S&P 500 earned roughly 48% of their revenues abroad in 2014… With interest rates low in the US – at least for the time being – and the European Central Bank’s launch of quantitative easing, credit is cheap.

If that much time is not a chance (at least at the moment), then make use of pockets of time. 스보벳 Dealogic. Worldwide acquisition-related debt issuance has reached $290bn so far this year, which is the highest year-to-date total on record and triple the amount seen at this time last year… August 3 – Wall Street Journal (Matt Jarzemsky and Matt Wirz): “It is shaping up as a cruel summer for debt investors wagering on a rebound in the oil-and-gas business. Not only have markets taken a battering, with gold and oil leading the fall, but some well known hedge funds told investors they were closing their doors. The sector is coming under further pressure as oil prices have turned downward again, dropping below $46 a barrel in New York to a four-month low. ‘Everybody was thinking that oil would stay in the $90 to $100 a barrel range.’… Investment grade issuers included Morgan Stanley $3.0bn, Citigroup $5.0bn, Cenovus Energy $3.5bn, Newmont Mining $2.0bn, DirectTV $2.0bn, GE Capital $600 million, Exelon Generation $1.5bn, PNC $500 million, Markel $350 million, Kimco Realty $300 million, Toll Brothers $250 million, Avista $250 million, National Life Insurance $100 million, and Duke Energy $100 million. Heidi is a professional organizer, creator of The Fast-Filing Method home filing system, & publisher of Life Made Simple e-Magazine.

Annual growth in home values picked up to 11.1%, from 9.8% in June. Investment advisers, who manage the mutual funds and exchange-traded products that are staples of many retirement plans, had $1.8 trillion tied to energy stocks in June 2014… Funds managed by Franklin Resources Inc., Blackstone Group LP and Oaktree Capital Group LLC, among others, are facing paper losses on substantial investments this year in exploration-and-production companies. Meanwhile private equity group Carlyle parted ways with the founders of its Vermillion commodities firm after assets dwindled. Others enduring redemptions include Armajaro Asset Management LLP, which closed one of its funds, Carlyle Group LP’s Vermillion Asset Management and Krom River Trading AG. Black River Asset Management, owned by agricultural trader Cargill, closed its commodities fund, along with three other funds, and Armajaro Asset Management said it would shut its $450m commodities hedge fund after losing 11% in the first half. Their experience of the commodities sector has generally been poor over the past few years,’ says Michael Coleman, managing director and founder of RCMA Asset Management… A few other fishermen that I met along the beachfront were also getting a few. Hedge funds rode the commodities supercycle from the early 2000s, with double digit returns every year.

Hedge funds focused on raw materials lost money on average in the first half, the Newedge Commodity Trading Index shows. State pension funds and insurance companies have also been hard hit. Second quarter State & Local receipts were just slightly ahead of the year ago level to $2.004 TN. By dollar volume, jumbo mortgages given out by lenders last year accounted for about 20% of all first-lien mortgages, used mostly to purchase or refinance a home, according to Inside Mortgage Finance. August 2 – Financial Times (Eric Platt and Kadhim Shubber): “The sharp rise in the US dollar may slice more than $100bn off dollar-denominated revenues at some of America’s largest multinationals this year, a sum larger than the sales of Nike, McDonald’s and Goldman Sachs combined, according to a Financial Times analysis. August 5 – Bloomberg (Michelle Jamrisko): “The trade deficit in the U.S. August 6 – Financial Times (Emiko Terazono): “July has been another bad month for commodities.

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